One of my favorite Yiddish sayings is:

“A guest for a while sees for a mile”

As a franchise coach, I’ve been a “guest” on many a career journey, guiding clients through franchise exploration as a possible next chapter in their story.
Harris Gubin meeting client

Even though my clients come from a range of backgrounds and have vastly unique interests, I’ve learned that we all share the same human desires when it comes to our careers. To feel valued and useful. To have clarity on the path ahead. To have time outside of work for the people, places, and experiences that bring us joy.

Most of my clients are at a crossroads in their journey – a place where those important needs aren’t being met. With a listening ear and deep knowledge of the franchising world, I help professionals explore and navigate opportunities that are the best fit for their life and desires.

Because “fit” is particularly important in the franchising world.

I started this chapter in my own career journey because so many other franchise coaching companies offer a transactional process. I wanted to take a more personal approach, not only in matching clients with opportunities fully aligned to their interests and vision for tomorrow, but also in supporting them through every step of the exploration and decision-making.

I truly love what I do, because I’ve seen the right opportunity enhance lives. Time and time again.

That’s why it’s such an honor to be a “guest” on your journey. To stand as the guide you need, when you need it the most – by helping you define what you want, and more importantly, how to make it happen.

How I got here…

I know all too well what it’s like to be at a crossroads in a career journey. I started my career in a family business owned by my mother, and when the stock market crashed in 2008, I ate popcorn three meals a day while I figured out my next step. Which, in turn, caused me to grab onto the first role that came along in the corporate world – where I felt completely lost at sea. (When you don’t have a specific course set, any port will do…but only for a short while!)

Fortunately, I learned a lot about partnership, entrepreneurship, and career coaching along the way. And I also learned a lot about what I wanted for my own life. So when a mentor in my network opened the door for an opportunity for me to help coach others at a crossroad in their journey, I realized that the life I was looking for was looking for me too!

And that choice and this road has allowed me to live ALL of my passions, including more time with my wife and three children, as well as time to volunteer for the charities close to my heart. (I serve as an auctioneer for a range of charities throughout the Delaware Valley, and have helped raise over $2M – so feel free to ask me WHY auctioneers talk so fast!)

I feel privileged, every day, to help others create the life THEY want. I see the franchise process as an “exploration” in which I serve as a guide, sounding board, and trusted advisor. I know that franchising isn’t for everyone – and a big part of the exploration process is determining IF and when it is right. But when the opportunity is right (meaning the right concept, the right time, and the right investment amount), the right door is opened and lives are changed.

I look forward to learning more about what would make an opportunity right for you – and to starting our exploration together!