Harris Gubin is a well-respected and highly visible leader in the Greater Philadelphia
Business Community. With over 20 years work experience, he has a broad and accomplished background that spans several industries. Harris is also renown for his vast network and unique ability to build meaningful and long-lasting partnerships.

Key tenets:

  • Harris views the franchise process as “an exploration” in which he serves as a guide, sounding board and trusted advisor.
  • Franchising is not for everyone and a big part of the exploration process is determining IF and when it is right. (Harris believes three things need to happen: The franchise opportunity has to be the right concept, at the right time – and at the right investment amount.)
  • Honesty, openness, candor, integrity and character are all hallmarks of Harris’ personal and work ethic.

Harris is also active in dozens of networking groups and volunteers his time as a live auctioneer for charities throughout the Delaware Valley. To date he has raised over $1M. He is married with three children and lives in suburban Philadelphia.