Master Class, Franchising 101 Video Course

Want to be your own boss, but need a great idea or don’t know where to start?

I recently created the Franchise Exploration video course below for Boots to Books, an organization that provides comprehensive assistance to veterans, transitioning military, and their families to attain competitive education and employment opportunities.

While this series was created with veterans in mind, these videos allow anyone dreaming about becoming their own boss to “explore” franchising as a potential opportunity for an exciting next chapter – one that offers the autonomy, financial stability, and the flexibility to do all the things they’re passionate about in life.

Video 1

Introduction/ About Harris

Video 2

What is a franchise?

Video 3

What does today’s franchising landscape look like?

Video 4

Franchise Investment Part 1 – Financing your franchise

Video 5

Franchise Investment Part 2 – Investment breakdown

Video 6

Is business ownership right for me? Key questions to consider

Video 7

A key point as you evaluate this next chapter in your life

Video 8

What are the advantages of owning a franchise?

Video 9

FDD overview

Video 10

The disadvantages of owning a franchise

Video 11

Overcoming assumptions and pitfalls

Video 12

How do I get started on franchise exploration?