I don’t know if I could have done this without you. Truly and deeply: Thank you.”

-Matt C. (Application Development Manager)

I connected with Harris in August of 2018 after losing my corporate job and having many doubts about my future. From our initial meeting, Harris was a true professional and great advisor. He helped my wife and I identify what our goals, passion, and interests were and how to best achieve them with a franchise. Harris shared at least a dozen concepts with us, patiently walked us through each one, and guided us every step along the way. After several months of exploration, we paused our search when I landed with a new company, but continued check-ins with Harris. A few months later I found myself in transition again. This time Harris shared a franchise concept with us that was in perfect alignment with our goals. Upon further exploration we decided to move forward with the business.

Throughout our time together with Harris he was always there for us. He provided support, timely guidance, was a sounding board, and most importantly challenged our assumptions. At no point did we ever feel pressured or rushed in our path to becoming franchise owners.

Thank you Harris, for everything you have done for me and my family.”

-Jose C. (Manager, Sales Engineering)

Dear Harris, I can’t thank you enough for working with me over these last few months as we explored new opportunities together. I found you to be well-informed, engaged, and very relatable. Transitioning as President of a $50M business to being in transition wasn’t easy. Your support, guidance, and thoughtfulness were much needed at this moment in time. I also want to thank you for challenging me to think about things from a different perspective, it clearly helped me in my decision-making process.

I look forward to our continued friendship and I will be happy to introduce you to others in transition who are exploring their next career path.”

-Shaun M. (President)

After attending a webinar on franchising hosted by The Entrepreneur Option, I was connected with Harris. He provided valuable information on the pros and cons of franchising and educated me on best practices for research and evaluation in finding the right franchise match for my personal and professional goals.

Considering there are over 3,000 franchise opportunities in the marketplace, Harris provided me an easily digestible list of franchises that met my criteria. He pre-screened each potential franchise against my goals for things like initial investment budget, business model, and franchisor support. Over the next several months we discussed the list in more detail, and together we narrowed it down to three franchises that I liked enough to explore further.  

Harris helped educate and advise me through the entire process. He acted as a sounding board and guide, he challenged me and my assumptions, he assisted me in refining my research as I learned more about the potential opportunities, and most importantly he listened and was patient. At no time did I feel pressured to make a decision. My time table was his time table.

Harris is a great coach I strongly recommend him if you are considering franchise ownership. He cares about his clients and always has your best interest in mind.”

-Steve G. (Global Sales Leader)

At a time in my life where I was looking to change directions and found myself with many more questions than answers, I was fortunate to have been introduced to Harris. Harris served me in many roles – franchise consultant, life coach, and friend. I always felt that Harris was only looking to accomplish one thing – to help me assess my own skills and circumstances in order to carefully decide what business decisions were in my and my family’s best interests. I highly recommend Harris to those who are considering leaving corporate life and starting their own business. Harris is a wise man with a big heart and has his client’s interests exclusively in mind. I look forward to remaining in touch with Harris into the future and continuing to seek his sound counsel.”

-Lawrence R. (Director of International Licensing)

It has been a pleasure to work with Harris as I explored investing in a franchise. He helped clarify my strengths and passions and was able to introduce me to franchise opportunities that fit that profile. Although I ultimately went in a different direction, I would highly encourage those who are investigating the franchise world to speak with Harris. He did a wonderful job of simplifying what could otherwise be a long and frustrating task.”

-Joe B. (Senior Business Developer)

If you’re considering investing in yourself and looking at a franchise opportunity as a potential next step, you will be well served to have a quality mentor by your side. I highly recommend Harris Gubin to help guide you through the information and discovery process. He has a wealth of experience and a great knowledge base that he is generously willing to share. He’s skilled at helping narrow down your search list by suggesting various franchise opportunities that will best fit your business goals, skill level, personality, and investment budget. Harris has a professional but easy-going manner that I enjoy working with. He’s readily accessible and eager to answer questions. Having an expert franchise consultant to advise you along your journey is the best way forward. Reaching out to Harris is your best first step. Thanks Harris!”

-Glenn F. (Vice President of Production)

Examining a new business venture can be a complicated and daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Asking questions is the key to making an informed decision. Questions to the franchises, franchisors and to yourself will help narrow your focus to what is important to you and your family. You will never get 100% certainty but no great decision is without some uncertainty. Harris made the process very manageable and a lot less daunting a task. His insight and way of looking at things made the process enjoyable and rewarding. Harris challenges you to ask the right questions; not only on the business side but on the personal side – a great resource.”

-Jim V. (Assistant Treasurer)

As a franchise coach Harris provided expert advice and helped me search and evaluate viable business opportunities in the franchise industry that aligned with my skills and goals.

He focused on identifying the right fit between franchise companies and me so that I was able to identify and select the appropriate companies that would provide me the opportunity to make money and enjoy success. 

Thank you Harris!

-Bob D. (Solution Architect)

I recently worked with Harris when I decided to leave the corporate world as a CFO and investigate the opportunities of franchising. Harris was my franchise consultant and so began the process getting to know me, my temperament, my strengths, my weaknesses, my financial position and goals and my risk tolerance etc… Why, because Harris wanted to match the best of me to the franchise that would require those specific skills and investment level. Through a series of well constructed, probing conversations, questionnaires and many long telephone calls over a period of weeks, Harris got to know me and eventually presented me with a short list of franchise options he had researched. I was very impressed with Harris’s perceptiveness and especially with his patience to guide me calmly through the process as I asked every question I could think of. No question was off limits or too silly. As I performed my due diligence on various franchising options and consulted with Harris, I began to feel more confident in my choice, thanks to Harris’ guidance and feedback. I ultimately decided on a franchise that Harris had originally presented. If you’re considering a franchise, I highly recommend using Harris as your consultant. He is honest, patient and really does have your best interests at heart.” 

Brett G. (Chief Financial Officer)


I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude for your walking me through the process of franchise ownership possibilities.  I told you from the start I wasn’t sold on the idea, but like a true professional, you guided me through the entire process without pressure and with my best interests at heart.  I appreciate that you took the time to get to know me, and presented franchise ideas in-line with my interests and abilities.  While I ultimately decided against franchising at this time, I value the discussions we had and the knowledge and experiences you shared with me.  The best compliment I can give you is this: my best friend of 24 years mentioned to me recently he’s interested in exploring business ownership, but doesn’t know where to start.  If he’s open to franchising as an option, I’ll be putting him in touch with you.  

Thanks for everything Harris!

-Steve W. (Geographic Sourcing Analyst)

We are fortunate to have found Harris as we delved into the idea of purchasing a franchise. Even though we had little, to no, knowledge of franchising, he nonetheless put his full efforts to bear on our journey to discover potential franchise opportunities. In fact, he opened our eyes to franchise concepts we would never have considered—many of which were surprisingly interesting once fully explained.

Throughout the process, Harris listened to our interests, the lifestyle we were seeking and the degree of risk we were comfortable with. At every turn, he helped us focus on potential opportunities that fit that profile.

As we dove deeper into the discovery phase, Harris worked with us, and the franchisors, to ensure we had all the information we needed to move forward and make informed decisions.

In the end, we chose not to pursue either of the two options we had narrowed down. This came after a several hundred hours on our part and dozens of hours on the part of Harris. Despite our walking away so deep into the process, he never applied any pressure, he actually reassured us that our decision was well considered, then simply wished us the best.

If you are considering using a Franchise Coach, we believe you could not do better than Harris Gubin.

-Peter & Liz C. (Husband & Wife)


Thanks for the time you spent helping me understand and begin to navigate the process of becoming a franchise owner.  Your advice and straight forward discussion was invaluable to me and my wife in trying to decide if pursuing a franchise is the best path for us.  Even though I will remain in the corporate world a little while longer, the support and information you provided came at just the right time.

Thanks again for your knowledge and help!  Based on our interactions, I’m sure that one day we will be franchise owners.

Best regards

-John P. (V.P. Energy, Automation Business)

Thanks for the assistance in helping me to understand the franchise process. Two years when we first spoke, you helped me determine what might be right for my wife and I to open our own business. We decided to pass at the time but when I was laid off earlier this year, I thought of you again and reopened the discussion of finding my own franchise.

Your knowledge and ability to ask the right questions in the process has helped me focus on what is right for me. You have been an invaluable resource in the decision making process and I thank you for your patience as we progressed. Anyone who is looking to open a franchise should have a conversation with you to guide them in the right direction.


-Paul F. (Chief Financial Officer)

I have been working with Harris for the past year to explore Franchising concepts. Harris has been extremely responsive as well as very knowledgeable about the Franchise process. He invested significant time learning about my interests and requirements so as to find a good match with potential franchises. He shared multiple concepts and we discussed which ones to pursue. He also supported me in refining my search as I learned about different concepts in my search. He is professional and patient. I highly recommend using Harris to explore and find a franchise for you”

-Juliet J. (Chief Strategy Officer)