I’m Harris Gubin, Franchise Coach. If you’re in transition or considering an exit out of corporate… I guide clients through franchise exploration as a possible next chapter in their life. If the questions below resonate, I can assist.

Are you in a corporate role and pondering your exit strategy, a flexible life style, seeking job satisfaction, worried about the next reorg?


With your skills, industry knowledge, year of experience and success, are you finding the interview process frustrating because of ageism bias?


Do you want to “make a change” before it’s too late?


See below for testimonials from clients who were in your shoes.

 I ultimately decided on a franchise that Harris had originally presented. If you’re considering a franchise, I highly recommend using Harris as your consultant. He is honest, patient and really does have your best interests at heart.” 

Brett G. (Chief Financial Officer)

I can’t thank Harris enough for working with me recently as we explored new opportunities together. I found him to be well-informed, engaged, and very relatable. Transitioning from the President of a $40 million business wasn’t easy. His support, guidance, and thoughtfulness were much needed at that moment.

Shaun M., (President)

I recommend Harris Gubin as a Franchise Coach. He is knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and dedicated. Harris has the skills needed to guide clients where they want to be. 

Howard B., (Data Center Management for Fortune 50 company, 41 years)

What I enjoyed the most was the experience of the journey.  The fact that I had the opportunity to seek out a business model that met my interests, my personal financial and lifestyle goals was amazing. I was not looking forward to the whole resume interview dog and pony show, but this was something so much more energizing and engaging.   Harris provided solid advice and guidance throughout and helped me to open the next chapter. In the end I am very excited to report that I am the proud owner of Monster Tree Service of the Brandywine Valley.

Kevin R, (Field Logistic Advisor for Major Retailers)

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Explore the world of franchising guided by business opportunity experts!

Buying a franchise is a wonderful way to own your own business, while also benefiting from the brand recognition and support of a larger, established company. Today, there are thousands of different franchise opportunities available across a hundred different industries, with varying levels of investment of both time and money.

Pick the right one and you could be on the road to newfound riches. Choose wrong and your career and lifestyle may never recover.

With the sheer number of franchise concepts so overwhelming – and the risks and rewards so great — it is critically important that you turn to true experts for help and guidance.

The Entrepreneur Option.

We are true franchise experts and our mission is to help you explore whether or not franchising is right for you. We do that by helping you identify, evaluate and choose explore the perfect franchise opportunity to suit your personal needs and capabilities, because ultimately it needs to be the “right” fit.

We are also on hand to help ensure you have the right resources from evaluating funding options to franchise documentation review.