Daydreaming about business ownership, but overwhelmed by all of the options? Let's talk.
Franchise coaches are compensated by the franchisor, so all support and coaching is 100% free to you!
Unhappy in Corporate America, but not sure what options are out there?
A coach serves as your sounding board and guide for making the best decisions for you and your family.
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Franchise Coach and Consultant


As a franchise coach, I’ve been a “guest” on many a career journey, guiding clients through franchise exploration as a possible next chapter in their story

Even though my clients come from a range of backgrounds and have vastly unique interests, I’ve learned that we all share the same human desires when it comes to our careers. To feel valued and useful. To have clarity on the path ahead. To have time outside of work for the people, places, and experiences that bring us joy.

Most of my clients are at a crossroads in their journey – a place where those important needs aren’t being met. With a listening ear and deep knowledge of the franchising world, I help professionals explore and navigate franchise business opportunities that are the best fit for their life and desires.

Harris Gubin At A Glan


At A Glance

Is Franchising RIGHT FOR YOU?

• Are you in a corporate role and pondering your exit strategy because you want a more flexible lifestyle and career satisfaction?

• Are you exploring options because you’re worried about the next reorg?

• Given your skills, expertise, and success, are you finding the interview process frustrating because of ageism bias?

• Do you want to make a change before it’s too late?

Learn more about WHY you should consider franchising –
and why NOW is a great time to explore opportunities

Are You a Career or Business Coach Looking for a Franchise Resource for Your Clients?

“I can’t thank Harris enough for working with me recently as we explored new opportunities together. I found him to be well-informed, engaged, and very relatable. Transitioning from the President of a $40 million business wasn’t easy. His support, guidance, and thoughtfulness were much needed at that moment.”



The 3,800 franchises typically fall into six categories: Automotive, Restaurants, Retail, Business to Business, Business to Consumer/Homeowner, and Education/Enrichment programs. The latter three categories typically require significantly less capital than the first three, and we’ll focus most if not all of our time here.

The franchise concepts I share have the following four characteristics:

  • Longevity and established brands
  • Good ROI
  • Well known in their industry / vertical
  • Reputable

Clients pay no fee for my coaching services. I operate similar to an Executive Search firm. The industry standard is that franchise coaches are paid by the franchisor ONLY if a client chooses to invest.

How Can a Franchise Consultant Help?

Franchising is an exciting prospect, but with so many concepts and possibilities, it can be tough to know where to start. I work with my clients to demystify the franchising process through a helpful seven step process. My franchise exploration process involves getting to know one another, taking a franchise assessment together, evaluating your drivers for business ownership, and more. My ultimate goal is to make sure you have absolutely everything you need to make the best decision for you and your family – whether that involves investing in a business franchise or not.


Why is Now the Best Time to Consider Franchise Exploration?

As a franchise coach, this question has consistently topped the list of those I receive the most from clients. “Now” usually refers to a particular point in a client’s career or life – typically people in their 50s and 60s – either in transition or contemplating an exit strategy out of corporate for the next chapter in their life.

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