Personal Career Stewardship

Career Planning Take 2!

A Recommended Watch

Personal Career Stewardship — In this webinar, Rob Croner, a seasoned CHRO executive, spotlights how you can take ownership of your career, with insights on:

  • What Happening in the World, creating context for the discussion
  • Why Personal Career Stewardship – 11:16 min in
  • A Career “Self-Test” – 18:23 min in
  • The “How-To’s” of Career Stewardship – 28 min in
  • Late-Stage Career Management and Legacy Planning – 47:30 min in

My clients often hear me say, “Plan your career or someone or something else will.” This webinar can help you do just that!

(And I’m happy to chat further about your transition)

Career Planning Take 2!